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IT Support Services

We're here to help : )

We want to be a crutch for you to lean on:

Sometimes unexpected things come up and you need help immediately.  Don't worry, we can have one of our technicians on it ASAP!  Because of our diverse infrastructure, we can deploy help on short notice without having to charge you an arm and a leg like most IT companies.  Please contact us for more details on how this works! 

​What makes us different​?

Like most IT companies we offer the standard: 

​Ticketing system implementation, wifi installation & support, device deployment, infrastructure support, server virtualization, etc...   

But what we can do that others can't is:

  • Large Device Deployment On-DEMAND
  • Satellite Repair Depot Services
  • Repair Delivery Services
  • Produce ROI statistics that tax payers demand
  • Provide customizable solutions that cut costs without having to cut people

When technology in your organization works, it’s invisible. You don’t have to worry about it. When it doesn’t, it can be quite cumbersome and expensive.

Turnkeysupports your IT environment with the IT solution you need when you need it. We help make your IT environment operate the way it should, letting you focus on your job while getting the return you expect from your investment.

Turnkeyworks with organizations to create efficient, reliable technology environments.  We make sure your infrastructure meets or exceeds requirements for performance safely and securely. We help you develop an atmosphere that will put procedures in place to keep your technology environment updated and operating smoothly.